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emanuel? >> guest: not a good one. to this day rahm emanuel does not have good things to say about jarrett. emanuel was opposed to the president's this is other people's reporting as well -- the president going for broke on obamacare. he thought he should do incremental steps first, small steps, popular steps he could get republican backing for. valerie jarrett and michelle obama were the two people who said, listen, mr. president -- actually, valerie calls him barack. the only person in the white house, other than michelle, who does. you were elected to be not just president but to be a special president, a transformational president, a person who is going to change the direction and course of america, and you can't just do this piecemeal. you have toking take the whole thing. good for the healthcare bill, to go down in history as the first president to pass a national healthcare bill, and he listened to valerie and michelle, not to rahm emanuel, and this was the beginning of emanuel's erosion of power, because it was one of several examples to which the president listened to the ideology
of an endless campaign with chicago mayor and former obama chief of staff rahm emanuel. and romney supporter ohio senator rob portman. 33 senate seats, 435 house seats and one president seat. an election extravaganza with former mississippi governor haley barbour and cnn's dana bash. i'm candy crowley. this is "state of the union." >>> they are ships passing in the night and the day. this day mitt romney will be in iowa, ohio, pennsylvania, and virginia, while the president heads to new hampshire, south of florida, back up north to ohio, out west to colorado. monday romney goes to florida, virginia, ohio, and new hampshire. obama counters with wisconsin, ohio, and a closing rally in iowa. the biggest surprise in that final 48 hours is romney's last minute bid in pennsylvania. polls in the state favor president obama, but not by as much as they once did. the romney campaign calls it expanding the electoral map. the obama campaign calls it a fairy tale. well, in the parallel universe phase of the campaign. joining me is chicago mayor and former white house chief of staff rahm emanuel. let me s
the change into law in the first month. it wasn't clean and pretty. rahm emanuel is in the middle of it and it wasn't suitable for younger years either. but the whole stimulus debate is a case study in obama to the disillusionment of the left but proved that obama was just like every other politician. more interested in cutting deals and trading james desperate to compromise with republicans who were only interested in surrender. to the fever swamps on the right it revealed obama is a euro socialist radical who is a full - chicago style partisan and a wimp who is deferring to his leftist congressional overlords of the same time. he was pretty much what he said he was. a data oriented left of center technocrat that was above all a pragmatist comfortable with compromise, and willing to sacrifice the good in pursuit of the ideal it was the first evidence that after the campaigning of the change on the system outsider he would govern as a work the system insider but despite all of his talk, he understood they don't produce change. the stimulus is producing change. it's not producing p
either be in the oval office or we'd take a walk. >> president obama and his chief of staff rahm emanuel kept close tabs on their to-do list. >> then we made sure we had our -- he and i used this word interchangeably, our north stars. you know, it's easy in these jobs day to day to get thrown off course. what's your north star, what do you need to get done. >> did you expect there to be a honeymoon period? >> i don't remember walking the halls saying should we get a honeymoon? i don't really -- we got problems to solve. i don't have the luxury of looking at oil paintings and talking to them. >> even as the stimulus fight was at fever pitch, the auto industry was falling fatally ill. >> literally, they were talking about two weeks and bust. there was not two years. there was not, we have a problem here. we think we can keep it alive for two weeks. >> if general motors and chrysler had been liquidated, in all likelihood, other automobile companies would have collapsed. an entire supplier network. the consequences would have been felt in either community in the country. >> the car companies
three years. so as i think rahm emanuel, to pair a fwraz him, never let a good hurricane go to waste. >> sean, taking up that second point, do you think that the fact of this hurricane will resonate more strongly to help president obama in the election because it does suggest, you know, that you need government. >> sure. >> that it acts and protects communities and things like that. >> it helps with the whole way of thinking about the government and what it can do for people and fema, for example. republicans have not been in favor of making fema robust. the democrats have. natural disasters actually hurt two republican presidents very badly. both george h.w. bush with hurricane andrew and katrina, of course. so following up on rahm emanuel, he might have thought hurricanes generally play better for democrats in that they require that kind of federal aid. you cannot -- no state, no city can do this on this its own and that was what was poignant with governor christie and president obama. yeah, i think that's true. >> edmund, this was a case of leadership that is perhaps a little bit
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home. we did not show you the respect you served your country admirably. >> rather rahm emanuel helps lay the wreath in front of chicago's vietnam veterans memorial while announcing a new city program aimed at helping today's returning veterans. with a chance to attend a city college, with credit for their service, and a special $1,000 scholarship. >> when you think about how our veterans now are coming home and. issues in which, whether it's health care, employment, housing, it was because of the mistakes we made in the past that we learned our lessons and we will never repeat those mistakes. >> i was a 12, 13 years old in the early 1970's and i saw that the way the veterans were treated, and i see how veterans are properly treated now and i felt it was important to come over here and just pay our respects as well and be able to stand and pay tribute to the men and women who gave so much back then for our country. >> i think it's important that we commemorate the 50th 50th anniversary like we did for world
in the last three months of 2008. that's the worst contraction in close to three decades. >> rahm emanuel would be the president's chief of staff. >> slightly like rolling thunder because you could have taken the economics, you could taken the auto, you could have taken the financial, you could have taken afghanistan, you could have taken iraq. usually, there's an "a," a "b." what happens when all five are as? >> it was basically awful. >> in the months leading up to inauguration, economic adviser austan goolsbee watched in horror as the stock market dropped more than 500 points in a day. >> there was a bottle of bourbon sitting there in the campaign. it had been there for a year and a half and i said, man, if there ever was a day to have a drink of this emergency bourbon, it's today. >> and then it got worse. >> the next day dropped another 500 points. and then late in the campaign, it happens again and somebody says, where's the bourbon? i said, the bottle's empty. >> the emergency bourbon was gone, and the economy was in dire shape. one month before his inauguration barack obama called
in 2009, 2010 pushed a cap and trade bill and almost got it passed. if you talk to nancy pelosi and rahm emanuel, they almost lost their seats. and with reporters, unless there's a two-party debate, they don't cover it. >> this is a big problem and is this is where barack obama has been whacked and he has been. they walked away from elements of it from the administration itself burke this is the big question that needs to be raised. not that this should be connected to climate change because it cannot be but the unpredictability, the veracity, everything. never mind the rising sea levels. try taking the sub kwai in new york city today. if you want to address this, it's billions, hundreds of billions of dollars to fortify coastal areas. >> i think you made the salient point. >> this is one of those issues where the press has to say, what's the science, it doesn't matter if one party's saying they don't believe in it. they're wrong. the science is compelling. >> and the media have become intimidated i think. intimidated by a lot of the political push back and the fact that there's silence
and we >> this is what rahm emanuel said, they need a clinton moment. but rush limbaugh said sarcastically about the party becoming a big tent >> clarence thomas, herman cain, none of it counts. don't tell me the republican party doesn't have outreach. we do. but what are we supposed to do now? are we supposed to -- in order to get the hispanic or latino vote, does that mean open the borders/ illegals? is that -- i want you to think about that. if we're not getting the female vote, do we become pro choice? do we start passing out birth control pills? is that what we have to do?well better than he did. how do you retort to that as a -- what i think is a more centrist republican, that you are? >> i find it prehistoric, chris. i think economic freedom and, you know, and giving people who immian get them productive tax-paying citizen rather than this notion of self-deportation and throwing up fences is the wrong way. i don't think that was the original annism. and i think the philosophy of republicans should be -- i mean, it's supposed toe government out of your liveswhy notion
. >>> chicago mayor rahm emanuel is taking lessons from new york city's nanny there mike bloomberg. he is cracking down on calories. he wants to get rid of all of the chips, the chocolate and the soda sold in vending machines. by next year he plans to replace all of the machines with healthier options. that is your 5@5:30. >> that's a lot of workers not too happy about that. >> probably not. >> president obama for the first time in 8 months defending the response to the benghazi terror attack as congress hold hearings in a few hours to find out the truth about what happened. doug luzader is live for us in washington with more. good morning, doug. >> good morning, guys. three committees in congress are going to start holding hearings on this to try to find out what really happened at the u.s. consulate in benghazi september 11th. president obama and his first real press conference in months yesterday defended his actions. >> my orders to my national security team were do whatever we need to do to make sure they are safe. >> but the time line of events that night is still not entirely cl
has been using for decades. according to rahm emanuel, never let a good crisis go to waste. even if you have to manufacture the crisis. whether it's the vietnam war, whether it's the iraq war, whether it's traditional values being under assault, the far left will come in, disrupt, cause this kind of action, in order to get a breakdown of traditional values. because you know what? all great powers, bill, start their demise when the social values that bring everybody together, their shared values start to deteriorate. this republic will crumble when the social cohesion breaks down. >> the far left is if there is no other kind of left, you always say that people like that represent everybody who is left of a'til la the hun and the fact is in the incidents you mentioned, iraq war, vietnam war and gay marriage, the left is on the right side of history because eventually -- >> bill: that's your opinion, but are their techniques correct? topless nuns? >> it's a goofy outfit. but it was the other side that was violent and what happened in the united states -- three states voted that they
to determine mo the terrorists are and where that event happened. and chicago mayor rahm emanuel is looking at ways for moms and dads to show up at parents-teachers conferences, they're offering a reward showing up at 70 schools. los angeles times in calling the card a bribe, says, is it what it's come to, the only way to get parents to fulfill their basic responsibilities is with a financial incentive? walgreen's is picking up the tabs hoping to encourage more shopping in its stores and finally, a new hampshire woman is mad as hell and couldn't take it anymore. the shop owner endured salvation army workers technology bells from morning to night five weeks out of every year, quote, i listen to this for 200 hours a year and this is my fourth year and i can't take it anymore, i'm sick of it and makes me hate christmas. trying to get them cited under the noise ordinance and the police isn't feel it was justified awe a local salvation army representation is looking for ways to lower the shop owners and including giving ringers a bell that didn't audibly ring. and many stores are beginning sales
in the administration. rahm emanuel then he went on to be mayor of chicago. then who replaced him, bill daly the brother. >> it started with clinton and bush and then raised it to entirely new levels. >> sean: we get his chicago pals four more years, don't expect the corruption to go away anytime soon. >> i'm doing great. >> i guess we have been governed by this political class. you got solyndra and all this corruption, you bundle money and you can blow taxpayer money. >> don't forget we'll have more government picking winners and losers. first thing i learned about barack obama in the debates, he thinks it's the government's job when it comes to energy and who should be succeeding and it's with all taxpayer money. our taxpayer money is funding these things that in the free market ordinarily without that money would be failing. these big obama donors are getting their payoff. they are getting bonuses and american people are the ones on who are suffering. >> sean: it's funny to me even if you go to the auto bailout, what was obama doing? was he not thinking about reelection or does he think picking winne
was there with mayor rahm emanuel. we swore in 47 new citizens. they came from every continent. this is as old as america. i can imagine when the first pilgrims arrived here and saw a boat off in the atlantic ocean, more people coming. we found this nice place wechlt have always had this fight, struggle. in the end, every new immigrant that has come here has faced the challenge of coming to our nation. in the end, you no he what we did, ed, we embraced them. they have made our nation a stronger, more diverse place. they made us the wonderful democracy we are today. my republican friends should take a lesson from the election. what the electorate said is, stop pitting one group against another. we are ready to make ourselves safe. the only way to make ourself safe is by allowing people to come out of the shadows and register with the government and be good citizens and be good partners and be committed people. >> congressman, obviously, the economy has taken top priority. what about this? do you have assurances from the president that this is the path he is going to travel in his second term. >
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house first began. one of those people the president's former chief of staff chicago mayor rahm emanuel. he and his wife were backstage with president obama before he gave his victory speech. thanks very much, mr. mayor, for coming in. >> thank you, wolf. >> let me read to you what the president told "time" magazine a couple months ago looking ahead at the time when he was asked about a second term if he were re-elected. he was asked what he would do differently in a second term. he said there would be some popping of the blister after this election where republicans refuse to cooperate on things that i know are good for the american people, i will continue to look for ways to do it administratively and work around congress." what do you think of that strategy? >> take a look at any executive order. he signed them. president clinton has signed them. every president has used them. when you think something's imperative for the country to move forward, if congress refuses to act, you use the authority in the executive branch. he did it on immigration and deportation as well as on the dream
chicago mayor rahm emanuel, during a live interview with the "newshour's" ray suarez. the president built his victory over mitt romney on a series of wins in battleground states, giving him 303 electoral votes-- 33 more than needed. he also was running ahead in florida, for another 29 electoral votes, but the state had not yet been called after long lines on tuesday held up the count. the president built his victory over mitt romney on a series of wins in battleground states, for 332 electoral votes-- 62 more than needed. that total included florida's 29 electoral votes, which were romney won white voters, but their share of the electorate was down slightly from 2008. mr. obama overwhelmingly captured black and latino voters. last night, he sought to appeal to both sides of the political divide. >> whether i earned your vote or not, i have listened to you. i have learned from you. and you've made me a better president. with your stories and your struggles, i return to the white house more determined and more inspired than ever about the work there is to do, and the future that lies ahead.
're assuming that these people don't want to create a recession. remember rahm emanuel's doctrine? never let a serious crisis go to waste. the thing that's wrong with obama's second term is they don't have a crisis. and sometimes i think they want to make one. lints to what people like patty murray and christina romer are saying. what barack obama said at that press conference when he said if there was any scenario in which we could fall off a fiscal cliff. he said sure, we could imagine that scenario, if congress doesn't agree. agree with whom? with him. he's saying it's my way off the cliff. and that is a way to go off the fiscal cliff, blame the republicans, stampede them into god knows what. cap and trade, card check. another stimulus plan. that ain't no bull market, larry. >> i think all those fears are actually now slowly being discounted in the stock market. and i agree with you. >> more to come. >> president obama answered that question all wrong because he kind of left the door open that maybe he'd let the cliff go through. anyway, don luskin, thank you very much. >> thank you, larr
endorsed it. the mayor rahm emanuel was very enthusiastic with the idea and just yesterday i got a nice endorsement from the governor of illinois from david mccullough, the chairman of the national endowment for the humanities, a wonderful endorsement. i think it really gets to the essence of why this is important. he says in a country established as an idea in the written documents and embellish by generations of the critics the case for commemorating the written word of self-evident. after all what is written describes the people and what is celebrated describes their values. >> who wrote that? >> this was the chairman of the national endowment for the humanities. the long term congressman from iowa cities to the custody. >> how much money do you predict this project will cost? >> ultimately the current plan projects about 90 million it will be developed in phases. the first phase budget is 35 million, and that is to develop the initial space. it will be about 30,000 square feet. an additional 15 million, so another 15 million, and then 20 million for the endowment to ensure the museu
maybe rahm emanuel might want to do is have a chicago christmas holiday card from chicago with a bunch of aldermen with crowbars and the baby jesus being beaten. that might be good. [ laughter ] >> i'm hoping we got beyond that point. i've lost my ear piece. >> bill: that's okay 'cause i'm going to go back to -- doreen, what i want to do is encourage everyone across the country to send governor lincoln chaffey a christmas card with jesus on it. okay? >> that would be great. >> bill: yeah. i want everybody watching, all over the world. not just in america. okay? send it to the state house, providence, rhode island. christmas card, governor lynn can chaffey, with jesus on it. okay? nice sentiment. just nice, peace be with you, governor. >> absolutely. >> bill: and the next time you see the governor, i want him to come on the program and talk to me 'cause i think he should. >> i think he should. >> bill: yeah. 'cause he wants to do the right thing and the right thing is talk to me in the christmas season. all right. thanks very much. we appreciate it. directly ahead, crowley and colmes re
the 2008 campaign, sit down, we've got this, we're going to do it through rahm emanuel, legislative wheeling and dealing. that didn't work so great. the other side flooded the capitol with people carrying guns so now he's mobilizing his base to try to get this done. >> and let us hear him mobilize that base. the president speaking at the white house. >> thank you so much. thank you, everybody. please have a seat. thank you. thank you very much. everybody, please have a seat. except you guys. don't sit down. well, good morning, everybody. >> good morning. >> you know, there's been a lot of talk here in washington about the deadlines we're facing on taxes and deficits. these deadlines are going to be coming up very soon in the coming weeks. but today's important because i want to make sure everybody understands this debate is not just about numbers. it's a set of major decisions that are going to affect millions of families all across this country in very significant ways. and their voices, the voices of the american people, have to be part of this debate. and so i asked some friends
. >> it's the christmas season. >> my hope is to get this done before christmas. >> rahm emanuel might want a holiday christmas card with crow bars and the baby jesus being beaten. ♪ kiss me baby >> have you to look and do a full autopsy of what happened. most people that were polled actually thought he would make a better president. >> what you talking about, willis? >> let's get right to our panel now. krystal ball is co-host of "the cycle" ask taure also co-host. one hour is clearly not enough for you. >> not enough for you. >> no, i love you both. you believe the house republicans, the way they broke for the president, that they would choose when they appoint committee chairs to have diversity but, in fact, every single chair is a white male. can you explain that? >> you would think to also note asians went for obama. gay americans went for obama. women went for obama -- >> but the republican party continues with the old, white men. >> they don't understand the demography. they don't understand identity issues in general. i see a difficult time just even having twitter conversati
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 83 (some duplicates have been removed)